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You can spread the cost of your boiler over a number of years from 3 to 10 years making it easily afordable. With an Apr of 9.9 % we are cheaper than Help-Link and British Gas

This example is for the following


Worcester Greenstar 29 Cdi

Standard Flue

Comfort 2 Programmer

System Filter

10 Year Guarantee - 5 Year Service Plan - Powerflushing

Cost of Boiler                          £2250.00

Deposit                                   £300.00

Amount on Credit                    £1950.00


60 Monthly repayments           £40.94

120 Monthly repayments          £25.22


And unlike other companies advirtising payments of £17.00 which have huge deposits and don't include everthing you need, the figure quoted above is for everything quoted for above on the right - including all fitting charges etc.